Educational Connections

It is astounding that only 30% of children raised in foster care complete and graduate from High School and of the number that graduate, only 3% go on to obtain their college degree. Friends of Foster Children believes that education is the key to changing these staggering statistics and ensuring that today’s foster children do not end up as one of the 47% of aged out foster children currently unemployed or the 45% living off of food stamps within two years of aging out of care. Educational Connections is one way in which we can assist today’s foster children overcome the damaging and harmful effects of abuse and neglect and become tomorrow’s leaders.

Educational Connections provides children in foster and adoptive care with individualized, intensive in-home tutoring that leads to comprehensive success in school and life. Nationally it has been proven that tutoring programs in which tutors meet with children at least two to three times a week are more effective in generating positive achievements as compared to alternative programs in which tutors and children only meet one time per week. An important component of this program is teaching the caregiver how to interact with the schools regarding issues such as IEP meetings and 504 Plans. Many caregivers have been away from school for a significant amount of time and are unable to navigate and advocate for their foster or adoptive children within the school system.

Friends of Foster Children is committed to making a difference in the lives of foster children and because of that commitment and the presented need, a tutoring program has been designed specifically for children in the child welfare system. The program’s emphasis is focused on tutoring sessions multiple times per week, contact with the guidance counselor monthly, continued feedback from the foster or adoptive parent(s) as well as the participants and a minimum of one “All on Deck” meeting monthly in which all of the above mentioned parties are required to be in attendance.

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    I understand that my child will receive tutoring by a certified teacher at least twice a week. I give consent for my child’s school to release their school records. Once signed up for Educational Connections, I understand that my child is expected to participate in the program for at least 30 days.
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