Kinship Connections

In Palm Beach County over 50% of the children place in care are placed with grandparents or relatives. Too often grandparents reside in 55 and over communities, are retired and lack the resources to care for children. As a result, the grandparents and/or relatives become overwhelmed, not only with the situation, but also with the “dependency system”. Friends of Foster Children provides the support and guidance that grandparents and relatives need in order to “foster” and provide a supportive and loving home for the children. Services including benefits navigations for financial assistance, food stamps and medical care, daycare, and mainstream benefits such as social security. Friends of Foster Children provides advocacy and needed interventions with the team of social workers that are assigned to each dependency case including dependency social workers, Guardian ad Litems, and Family Support Workers. Additional services provided by Kinship Connections includes supportive training groups; access to basic necessities such as furniture, clothing and financial resources; normalization events including winter and spring fest, Back to School Bash, fair tickets, etc.

Fostering and supporting kinship placement is essential to not only the well-being and success of the child welfare system but also to the future success of each child placed within a relative placement.