Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is that time of year again, Membership for Friends of Foster Children is now open for 2017!  Thanks to your support, Friends of Foster Children was able to accomplish many goals and help many children and their caregivers in 2016.   Many things have changed this year and I would like to direct your attention to the changes.  The changes are listed below:

  • The cost of membership dues continues to be $30.00 if they are paid by March 31st. Dues are per calendar year. We have extended open membership, but the price increases. If dues are paid from April through June, the cost is $50.00 (per calendar year), and if dues are paid from July through September, then the cost is $100.00 (per calendar year). These rules do not apply to newly licensed foster homes or relative and non-relative caregivers with new placements. The cost to them will continue to be $30.00. The rules have changed to prevent families from signing up late in the year solely for the purpose of getting holiday gifts. It pays to pay by March 31!
  • Adoptive Parents who adopted over 1 year ago are ONLY eligible for Alumni status.
  • Permanent Guardians who are post one-year are also ONLY eligible for Alumni status.
  • As a reminder, Alumni Status provides adoptive parents who adopted more than a year ago to remain involved. Alumni members receive newsletters, fair tickets and Winterfest invitations.  Financial hardship cases are always considered.
  • Members will receive FREE CHILD CARE at trainings and Super Saturday’s while non-members will be required to pay a nominal fee to cover actual expenses.
  • Caregivers who reside Out of County and Out of State are not eligible for membership.
  • Credit cards (online), checks or money orders are the preferred method of payment.

Membership provides paid members with priority considerations when services, event tickets and supplies are limited.  Additionally, membership allows members to access the clothing closet, receive holiday gifts and back to school supplies, receive newsletters, attend trainings with on-site FREE child care and many other benefits for the children placed in your home.

Friends of Foster Children is instituting a new data system in the coming year and all members will receive a unique identifier that will allow you to electronically check into events, the clothing closet, register for tickets, and other special events.   More to come on this exciting change.

Another change to look forward to in 2017 is our Educational Connections program which will roll out in January.  The program, as designed, has two core components, advocacy and tutoring.  Educational Connections staff serve as an educational advocate for foster children while teaching the foster parents themselves how to be an educational surrogate. The second component provides children in care with individualized, in-home tutoring.  Please contact your DCM if you feel your child(ren) could benefit from tutoring and request the tutoring services offered by Friends of Foster Children.

As many of you are aware, our Clothing Closet is one of our greatest resources but also our most problematic and staffed 100% by volunteers.  We will have a couple interns working in the closet this year, please stop by and meet them.  We value your opinion on how to improve the closet and the process.  We also invite you to become one of our volunteer angels working in the clothing closet!

Thank you so much for being a part of Friends of Foster Children.  We value your input and welcome your feedback with the ultimate goal of making Friends of Foster Children a better resource for foster and relative/non-relative and adoptive parents in Palm Beach County.

Please make sure you complete your online or paper application early this year as the cost will increase as the year progresses.  Save money and join between January-March! 

Please contact the office with questions or concerns at 561-352-2540.

All the best in 2017,
Maria Bond, Executive Director
Friends of Foster Children of Palm Beach County, Inc
*Paid members receive priority consideration when services,
event tickets and supplies are limited, including child care.
Some membership benefits:
 Children’s Clothing
 Children’s Luggage
 Back to School Supplies
 Holiday Gifts and Parties
 Relative Caregiver Support and Orientation
 Emergency Duffle Bags Filled with Personalized, Essential Items
 Newsletter
 Foster/Adoptive Parent -Training with On-Site
 Free Child Care for members
 Advocacy for Children and Parents
 Equipment (strollers,car seats, cribs, etc.)
 Computer Equipment
 Tickets to Family Focused Community Events
 Special Outings for Children and Families
 Life Books
 Tutoring